After working with business owners for years, I learned a lot of lessons--both my own and theirs. One thing I learned is that work/life balance is bullshit. Sorry, but it is. When you are a business owner, your work is an important part of your life. So should it be life/life balance? No, that's stupid, too.

Instead, I learned how to be a mindful entrepreneur, how to enjoy the work, focus on the important, but leave enough room for family, friends, and walks through nature. We don't need to sell our soul and make our families miss us to run a successful business.

Part of that is efficiency (something I'm told I'm very good at because I'm German. Ah, well.). But it's mostly a change in mindset and priorities. Figuring out what you need in life and making your business meet that need instead of focusing on how to make the most money possible makes a big difference. Let's figure out together how you can be a happy entrepreneur.

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